First Office Call

A comprehensive and detailed history is taken to determine your constitution and appropriate treatment plan. We discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve during our time together. You will receive a session most suited towards harmonizing your pattern of imbalance.
Initial session - 75 minutes
Initial Facial Acupuncture Session - 2 hours

Return Office Call

We assess the course of your treatment plan, and discuss any changes that you would like to address.
Follow-up Session - 50 minutes
Follow-up Facial Acupuncture session - 75 minutes

Pediatric Non-Insertive Acupuncture

Gentle techniques that do not involve needles are used to stimulate your child’s Qi to address common childhood complaints and boost their constitution.

The Japanese style of Shonishin involves light and rhythmic stroking, pressing and tapping along the meridians. I also utilize essential oils and the sounds of Acutonics and Tibetan Bowls to further harmonize the patterns of imbalance. Herbal remedies and dietary suggestions are incorporated, if appropriate.

I have worked with all ages from birth through teenagers, and the children always look forward to our time together (as do I).

Pediatric Sessions vary depending upon age and conditions being addressed, below are examples:
Birth through 8 ~ 30 minutes
All other ages ~ 50 minutes


What Is It?

Acupuncture points on the face stimulate qi & blood flow to the area, carrying nutrietnts to the cells, as well as stimulating fibroblasts and increasing production of collagen & elastin. Herbal masks, aromatherapy and Acutonics (tuning forks) are used to address the more subtle aspects of our being, giving one a renewed sense of self.

Treatments are non-surgical, virtually painless, less costly and non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery. The transformation is gradual, but it is a way to age gracefully and naturally.

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How Many Treatments Do I Need?

12 to 15 treatments once a week for 90 minutes is suggested. Your lifestyle, stress, diet, sleeping habits, age, genetic factors, emotional health are all assessed in the initial session and will determine the number of sessions suitable for you.

20 treatments are suggested for smokers and those who tend to sag (jowls, droopy eyes, "turkey wattles", etc). Significant changes in the face and overall state of being are noticed around the 5th to 7th treatment. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 2 weeks for the first 2 months, then once a month thereafter. You may always choose to do another series.


Herbal Consult

An extensive history is taken to determine your pattern of imbalance and disharmony. A custom formula is then prescribed specifically for you as a tincture. Patents are available but cannot be customized.

Follow up consults are needed to see how the formula is working for you. Modifications may be needed to adapt to the changing symptoms and your body's response to the formulation. Price of consult does not include herbs.
Initial consult ~ 60 min
Follow-up ~ 30 min


In-office or remote sessions available ~ 60 minutes


10% off a series of 3 acupuncture sessions
15% off a series of 6 acupuncture or 12 facial acupuncture sessions
*Valid for 12 months after purchase

Kindly give a 24-hour cancellation notice or you will be charged the cost of one session. If you have purchased a series, then that treatment will be deducted from your series.